About CYF

At CelebrateYourFaith.com, 25% of our profits go to support world missions.  When you buy from CelebrateYourFaith.com, you are not only purchasing a beautiful item, you are helping to support the artisan who created it, and helping to grow the Body of Christ worldwide!   (See posts tagged “missions”. )

Here are some of the real people behind the scenes at CelebrateYourFaith.com, the CelebrateYourFaith blog, our Facebook page, and @CelebrateFaith on Twitter.

The Brains: Joanne.

Entrepreneur, product buyer, dog lover. Married for 20+ years to Rick. Loves interacting with people and learning new things. Got an A+ in compassion.

The Heart: KM, Carolyn, and other missionaries

Missionaries and bloggers around the world. For details about missions work and some of  the programs supported by CelebrateYourFaith, see our list of missions accomplishments.

You can read more on KM’s missionary blog, ToTheNations.com.  More to come as Carolyn and others blog and share their stories!

The Carpal Tunnel: Tracy.

Social media consultant and blogger, Joanne’s friend from second grade, mother of three. Loves art, history, architecture. Smart-alec who continually needs to be reined in.

And there are lots of other people on the CYF team who contribute to our success, as well as our artisans and the wonderful family of believers we’ve met while doing business. We’re trying to build on that by using various forms of social media to interact with you. Please join us here, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on Facebook – we’d love to see you more.

To learn more about our company vision and its history, you can read this article (PDF) in the Christian Booksellers Association magazine, or view our posts tagged “CYF”.

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