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What does being a “woman of faith” mean to you?

CYF staffers Cari and Leila are attending the Women of Faith conference in St. Paul this weekend. They’ve both already reported some of the most amazing times of worship, sharing, and fellowship – we can’t wait to post photos and more from the event!

Before she left for the conference, we asked Cari to share her perspective on what it means to be a “woman of faith”:

When I was asked to write about being a woman of faith, honestly I felt a little inadequate for the task. The most recent years of my life had not been the most “faith-filled”. In fact, it seemed none of the events within those years had turned out the way I had hoped, dreamed or even imagined. Maybe that’s where faith is the most profound. When life is smooth sailing and everything is “sunshine & smiles” faith comes easy. Then the winds blow and the water starts to churn and you find yourself being tossed about. What do you have? Where do you go? Who can calm your fears, dry your tears and with one touch can heal your heart and fix your broken life? Where is the anchor for your soul? When these times in life arise, and they will come, where do you find that hope that you desperately need?

Well, my friends, I know what I can do in and of myself and really that’s not saying much. But if I give all the pieces to the one who created me – the one who has great plans for me – the one who understands me fully, He can put them back together and He’ll even make it better than it originally was. I just have to trust Him with those pieces and keep my soul anchored with Him.

Through the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have gained so much. A life, that no matter the circumstances that surround it, can be filled with a future and hope & love everlasting. He is the anchor for our souls. He will keep us in His care and not because we are so great a woman, but because of his intense and deep love for us. Period.

Being a woman of faith is being able to feel totally inadequate but in the midst of those inadequacies, knowing the love of the Father and knowing that Jesus was enough, in fact He was more than enough for us. I have this assurance because I can look at my life before I knew Christ and as a young believer and see that He’s healed my heart and my life before. He’s given me beauty for ashes. So as I sit here in the midst of what seems to be a heap of ashes in my life, I know He’ll make it all beautiful and right again. Not because of what I’ve done or because I am good enough but because He is good & faithful and His love endures forever.

What does being a “woman of faith” mean to you? Please share your view and let us know what you think.

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